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Role and Responsibilities of National Influenza Center

  1. Provide laboratory diagnosis and develop methods to detect influenza virus and newly emerging virus ( such as avian influenza, novel influenza subtypes, MERS-CoV)
  2. Serve as WHO Influenza reference laboratory in South East Asia Region and as a key point of national contact to report routine surveillance findings and to monitor circulating influenza strains, as well as drug-resistance, in the country
  3. Establish Proficiency Testing Scheme on Influenza/Avian influenza for laboratories
  4. Provide regular training to national and international laboratories involved with influenza diagnosis and surveillance
  5. Provide national authorities and relevant agencies with updated situations/knowledge on influenza and epidemics related
Contact Us

National Institute of Health
Department of Medical Sciences
Ministry of Public Health
Tivanon Road, Muang District
Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand
(662)9511498, (662)5899869

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